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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

The Scottish Highlands are a patchwork of unrivalled natural beauty and romantic stories of heroic chivalry in splendid castles. The fresh Highland air and spectacular woodland glens combined with wildlife offers an opportunity to relax and marvel while driving in one of the most famous regions in the world.

We have put together ‘our own’ signature experiences from which to explore the Highlands. Our selection showcases the heritage, culture and history that make the locals proud and the outdoor activities are equally exhilarating against the backdrop of the breathtaking Highlands landscape. Plan a vacation that is just right for you.

Walking Trails

A walk in the Highlands is a unique experience for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Browse through our recommendations for local walking trails around our hotels.

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Water Sports

Enjoy thrilling outdoor activities with Active Highs… Listed below are the activities they have to offer:

Nevis Range Mountain Experience

Just 10 min from Fort William, the Nevis Range has adventures for everyone in the family from mountain biking, a ride on the gondola, snow sports (skiing and snowboarding) tree adventures and mountain walks.

Places of Interest

Driving through Scotland, one of the most famous regions in the world, is a road trip that is awe-inspiring. It is a journey through spectacular views of mountains, lochs, hills and glens.

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History of the Highlands

Stretching back thousands of years, there are plenty of castles, and monuments for one to re-live the incredible bravery of the Scottish. 19th Century literary greats such as Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns immortalized Scotland with an enduring legacy that has defined it ever since.