Our Mission

Black Sheep Hotels brings together experience and expertise through its collection of Highland country hotels, strategically located to showcase the true spirit & beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Our hotels provide an opportunity to explore the outdoors and experience the local culture and heritage.

We care for our guests through our innovative approach in providing  distinctive authentic hospitality. We employ individuals with a positive, enthusiastic demeanour who are considerate to every guest’s needs. We are dedicated to creating a ‘family style’ yet dynamic work environment that is enriching and rewarding for all.

Our Vision

Black Sheep Hotels will create a highly performing enterprise by focusing on what’s important – our guests, our team members and our Highland communities. We will build our business by enhancing and enriching the lives and experiences of each.

Our Core Values

At Black Sheep Hotels, we as a family are firmly committed to the following values:

Creativity & Innovation
Honesty & Integrity
Hard Work & Perseverance
Enjoyment & Fun
Pride & Belonging

No temptation will be strong enough, no adversity severe enough for us to abandon them.

The Promoters

Established in 1991, Mars Enterprises and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. has reflected the passionate and innovative spirit of its entrepreneurial promoter siblings, Sanjay and Rachna Narang. Sanjay’s ability to transform his unique vision into reality combined with the intuitive and individual design sense of his sister Rachna, is the ethos of all the Mars Group ventures. The Group prides itself, as the company of ‘Firsts’ and its successful implementation due to the rare paring of micro management with a big picture vision, instilled by Sanjay, is its greatest strength. Mars has successfully launched the first ever boutique hotel in Bombay, ‘The Gordon House Hotel’, the first ever ‘self-service’ American style diner- ‘Just Around The Corner’, the first ever South Indian chain of restaurants that served non-veg dosas-‘Dosa Diner’, and the first ever Jazz bar and restaurant in the country, ‘Jazz by the Bay’. The list continues with the largest nightclub in Mumbai-‘Three Flights Up’ and a charming hamlet that transformed a small secluded town called Landour to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The Mars Group’s current portfolio includes the ‘Waterstones Hotel and Waterstones Club’, a boutique hotel and luxury club in North Mumbai, ‘The Gordon House Hotel’ in South Mumbai has within its premises, ‘Havana Café & Bar’, a South-American lounge bar and ‘All Stir Fry’, a legendary Pan-Asian restaurant in Mumbai, ‘Pizza by the Bay’, again in South Mumbai stands as an iconic casual dining restaurant and ‘Eat Around the Corner’, a popular all-day dining venue in the bustling heart of Bandra. In Landour, the hill station in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, The Mars Group portfolio comprises of ‘Rokeby Manor’ a quaint English style mountain hotel and ‘Rokeby Residences’ offer an array of holiday mountain homes with picture post-card views. To enhance the experience at Landour, the Group has established a wide range of restaurants ‘Emily’s’, ‘Clock Tower Café’; ‘The Stray Dog – Ale House & Stübli’ and ‘Landour Bakehouse’ where all the products are made from recipes that are older than a century from the Landour community cookbook and a full-service spa called ‘The Little Salon & Spa Shed’ .

For travellers who love to be surrounded by ever-changing landscapes of the rugged beauty and timeless enchantment of the Scottish highlands, our collection of Black Sheep Hotels marks such a journey, one that helps you switch off from the world. The scenery around each of our uniquely situated hotels will astound you, you’ll see nothing but uninterrupted mountains, lochs and forests and our warm welcoming service with stylish, cozy interiors creates a one of a kind experience that will stay with you. For more details about the Mars Group and its distinctive brands, visit www.mars-world.com.

The Team

Sharon Machado is the Jane-of-all-trades, always eager to help with solutions to any problems in the business. As Director, she has the grit and determination to complete any task assigned to her and that has made her a multi-tasker extraordinaire or as most in the company often remark, “Ask Sharon, she’ll know.”

Sharon Ferro, Director-Business Development, is in charge of developing the business with her experience and keen insight in the hospitality sector.  Her ability to build and expand the presence of the company is due to her single minded focus. Opportunity always knocks when Sharon’s at the door.

Gayle Henriques, Director-Operations, believes that being a leader is a job where one can only teach others how to think. Gayle has created a true team culture with her open door policy, which is the cornerstone of the organization. As she often says, the best part of my job is that the chair swivels.

Patrick Rodrigues is the Director-Finance & Human Resources, who will always do the right thing. Our ethical director of Administration and Finance deals fairly with everyone. Being a results-driven strategic thinker he makes sure that, inspite of long days or late nights at work, he will never miss out on his workout at the gym!

Ramesh Joshee, Director-Projects, has built the quickest projects with his streamlined project management. His skills of humour and storytelling keep the team on their toes with the right attitude and he owes his success of meeting deadlines to the simple principle ‘anything that can be changed will be changed until there is no time left to change it.’

Saket Gupta, Director-Marketing, is the unassuming mild mannered negotiator who has the ability and patience to talk, listen and seal the deal. In other words, he is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Sinclair Pinto, Corporate Chef, believes that the first rule of business is to stay out of mine! What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen, but what comes out on a plate is always memorable!

Bryan Misquitta, Purchase Manager, is in charge of all purchasing for the company. Inspite of his tireless job of procuring never ending lists he remains extremely pleasant and affable at all times.  Bryan’s efforts are best captured in the saying ‘nobody notices what I do until I don’t do it.’

Sandesh ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Kotian is the Compliance Manager, who ensures everyone is doing what they are meant to be doing and is always around to make sure that quality is assured with his magnifying glass in hand.

Chetna Singh, Human Resources Manager, is the company peacemaker organizing  and overseeing all aspects of Human Resources and training. Her very approachable demeanour and commitment to all who interact with her can be summed up in the age-old motto; it takes two to build a bridge.

Robert Machado, Manager-Finance, loves gardening, as he believes money grows on trees. We do need to get him grounded and back in the office monitoring actual figures from time to time.